Carlauren Resorts Membership opens up a world of luxury living
It began with a founding concept; truly exceptional lifestyle living, surrounded by tailor-made care and support
Bringing you privileged access to a range of unsparing luxurious resort residences
Our Resort Concept
Providing a genuine alternative to residing in your own home. As part of an exclusive and coveted membership you will be able to stay for any period from one night to permanently in a single, or multiple resort locations.
Enjoy exceptional accommodation and full access to the facilities such as fine dining, spas, concierge services, special events, indulgent surroundings and tailormade care and support with Carlauren Care.

An investment available to very few and a gateway to a privileged way of life for all your life.
Explore the full details of our membership programme - the only way to access the lifestyle and privileges of Carlauren Resorts.

Your Lifestyle, Your Life
As a Member, you will have access to the finest resorts with the assurance and support of additional services you may require for your care in later life.
Exclusive Living
Our resort concept provides a genuine alternative to residing in your own home
Carlauren Membership
Find a membership that's right for you
Be part of a coveted club, where luxury, comfort and care are second to none.
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